Apprendre à traiter avec des gens faux

Dealing with people requires false exercise tolerance, we should start following the line of thought that we have no control over others. The other is an individual person, we can not, nor do we act like we want it or how we live.

The dictionary reports that false to say: liar, deceitful, hypocritical, insincere, disingenuous.

Who ever met anyone with one or more of these characteristics is a lucky, we will not be expecting to find a place to live and work that has not even fake one, you can not live in a glass case, it would be absurd. After all, who should be isolated, true or false? Neither one nor the other.

Stop and think this: What led you to realize that the other is a fake person? He or she betrayed your trust? What most often happens is a tremendous deceção sometimes want to believe that person is trustworthy and who would never lie or deceive us, that person becomes part of our lives and we know when she drops the image profile that we used in our mind, along with that comes deceção, angry or feel like fools. If we feel like this is because the illusion motivávamos delicate that it does not pretend to conceal one or not, the other does not make us the same.

Identify a person disguised, but requires accurate perception is not the only way, to know a person, not just go telling all of you, even if that person tell you even what may seem intimate subject to the covert, that is the way to bring us to talk more about us. Note to the extent to which they will know if that other person when he talks constantly, on the same subject, confirms that or account history he had already narrated, with some changes. Pay attention if the person has too much interest in scrutinizing his life, to know beyond what it should. Why know so much?

Phony people have the custom to flatter, use this procedure to try to fix that are reliable, do not confuse with the consistent praise, these are welcome.

If a particular friendship, you can get away from the person but being co-worker has to learn to live with the person in question.
The best thing to identify a fake person, is to maintain a formal approach, seeking to sustain the high level of education, forming a kind of mental block for the person to feel difficulty in scrutinizing his life, with time it tends to move away itself.
Apprendre à traiter avec des gens faux
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Apprendre à traiter avec des gens faux
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